A Biomimetic SH2 Cross-coupling Mechanism for Quaternary sp3 – Carbon Formation

Recent work from the MacMillan group at Princeton University was published in Science Journal presenting a biomimetic SH2 cross-coupling mechanism for quaternary sp3-carbon formation. This study examined the cross-coupling between tertiary redox-active esters and primary alkyl bromides in the presence of Fe(OEP)Cl as an effective SH2 catalyst, in tandem with Iridium based photocatalyst and the aminosilane reagent to deliver the quaternary carbon bearing alkylation adduct in high yield upon blue light irradiation. Also performed detailed mechanistic experiments to support the proposed catalytic cycle and the intermediacy of 1° alkyl–Fe(III) species. Thanks for using our Fe(III) Octaethylporphine chloride (Catalog No.: O40944).

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