Metal-Organic Frameworks

MOFs are 2- or 3-dimensional structures composed of metal ions/secondary building units (SBUs) and organic linkers. Their structures can be uniquely controlled by varying length of organic linkers and coordination geometries of metal ions among other factors. Utilizing the porphyrin as the organic linker of the MOF structure leads to the formation of porphyrinic MOFs. Porphyrinic MOFs have diverse applications ranging from catalysis to fluorescence imaging and photodynamic therapy. Listed below are some commonly used porphyrins used to produce MOFs.

Catalog Number: T790


Metal-organic framework functionalization and design strategies for advanced electrochemical energy storage devices

Synthesis of porphyrin-based two-dimensional metal–organic framework nanodisk with small size and few layers

Fusiform-Like Copper(II)-Based Metal–Organic Framework through Relief Hypoxia and GSH-Depletion Co-Enhanced Starvation and Chemodynamic Synergetic Cancer Therapy

Catalog Number: T10982


Catalog Number: T40664


Catalog Number: T618


Catalog Number: T11766


Catalog Number: T40387


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