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Leading the Frontiers of chemical research & development –We are your one stop shop to solve your life science applications & materials science challenges. As a catalog provider of specialized molecules, we have what you need – from Porphyrins to Boronic Acids, and many other custom compounds. 

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We got your back! Our services include contract insource & outsource chemists for specialized research projects, analytical, hit-to-lead optimization, process development, and large scale synthesis.

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What we do … for your chemistry

Frontier Specialty Chemicals is a chemistry shop specializing in porphyrins, boronic acids, and building blocks.  We feature a catalog of organic building blocks in our area of expertise.

Our customers range from big pharma to startup biotech companies.  Many of our customers require custom synthesis for their specialized applications including drug development, materials science, and a variety of chemistry services.

“Our Team excels in custom synthesis of porphyrins, boronic acids, and building blocks. We provide molecules and services for drug discovery and materials science development. Working with our Team saves time and money, without sacrificing quality.”

Dustin Cefalo, PhD. – Vice President of Porphyrin Chemistry

Can’t Find the Compound you are looking for?

Need Chemicals for your next project or experiment?

Frontier Specialty Chemicals manufactures most of the products that we offer which allows us to ensure high quality compounds for your company’s research projects. We offer a myriad of porphyrin derivatives, boronic acids and organic building blocks. In addition to our own products, we distribute a wide variety of molecules commonly used in research laboratories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are boronic acids used?

Boronic acids are used as building blocks in medicinal chemistry and can be incorporated by well established cross coupling methodologies. Discover More …

What are Metal-Organic Frameworks used for?

Frontier Specialty Chemicals offers numerous functionalized porphyrins useful for the synthesis of MOFs and COFs. Discover More…

Products for Photodynamic Therapy research

Yes, Frontier Specialty Chemicals offers a number of porphyrin derivatives that are useful for photodynamic therapy research.  Discover More …

Does Frontier Specialty Chemicals offer compounds and intermediates used for Heme and Chlorophyll Biosynthesis research?

Yes, Frontier Specialty Chemicals offers a full line of intermediates along the heme biosynthetic pathway and numerous chlorophyll derived chlorins. Discover More …

Does Frontier Specialty Chemicals support catalysis applications?

Yes, for example our Metalloporphyrins are useful for catalytic epoxidations, carbonylations and other synthetic transformations. Our boronic acids can be used to activate carboxylic acids towards attack by nucleophiles, and the activation of hydroxyl groups.  Discover More …

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