Pd(II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octabutoxyphthalocyanine

Product Number: P12770; CAS Number: 129679-94-3

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Pd(II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octabutoxyphthalocyanine CAS: 129679-94-3 MDL: MFCD22377343


Molecular weight: 1195.79 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C64H80N8O8Pd

CAS Number:  129679-94-3

Storage: Store at room temperature, protect from light.

Synonyms: Pd(II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octabutoxyphthalocyanine,Palladium(II) Octabutoxyphthalocyanine, Palladium, [1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-Octabutoxy-29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-κN29,κN30,κN31,κN32]-, (SP-4-1)-, InChI = 1S/C64H80N8O8.Pd/c1-9-17-33-73-41-25-26-42(74-34-18-10-2)50-49(41)57-65-58(50)70-60-53-45(77-37-21-13-5)29-30-46(78-38-22-14-6)54(53)62(67-60)72-64-56-48(80-40-24-16-8)32-31-47(79-39-23-15-7)55(56)63(68-64)71-61-52-44(76-36-20-12-4)28-27-43(75-35-19-11-3)51(52)59(66-61)69-57;/h25-32H,9-24,33-40H2,1-8H3;/q-2;+2, InChIKey = MXXKEPGTIHYADW-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 4289491, 57649780

Uses: Near infrared to visible photon up-conversion, near infrared triplet sensitizer, photoredox catalysis, triplet fusion upconversion

Background: Pd(II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octabutoxyphthalocyanine is a phthalocyanine specialty chemical manufactured by Frontier Specialty Chemicals. A solid film consisting of neat Palladium (II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octa-n-butoxyphthalocyanine and rubrene was excited at 730 nm resulting in infrared to visible photon upconversion via sensitized triplet-triplet annihilation1,2. Spectroscopic properties: abs: 737 nm (DMF), emission: 756 nm (DMF).3  A list of solubility, properties, and other data is given.Palladium (II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octa-n-butoxyphthalocyanine was used as a photo thermal agent for the release of phosphorylated gemcitabine from theranostic nanoparticles for pancreatic cancer treatment.4 Palladium (II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octa-n-butoxyphthalocyanine can be used as a infrared light sensitive photoredox catalysis by the mechanism of triplet fusion upconversion.A review of infrared to visible upconversion devices was published which includes Palladium (II) 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octa-n-butoxyphthalocyanine.6


 1.) Lissau, Jonas, S., Khelfallah, Malika., Madsen, Morten.; Near-Infrared to Visible Photon Upconversion by Palladium(II) Octabutoxyphthalocyanine and Rubrene in the solid State. Phys. Chem. C 2021, 125,46, 25643-25650 https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.jpcc.1c06945

2.) Singh-Rachford, et al. Pd(II) Phthalocyanine-Sensitized Triplet−Triplet Annihilation from Rubrene. J. Phys. Chem. A 2008, 112, 16, 3550–3556. https://doi.org/10.1021/jp7111878

3.) Ravetz, Palladium, [1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-Octabutoxy-29H,31H-phthalocyaninato(2-)-κN29,κN30,κN31,κN32]-, (SP-4-1)-, eEROS, Wiley Online Library, 04 May 2020. https://doi.org/10.1002/047084289X.rn02305

4.) Wang, et al. Theranostic nanoparticles enabling the release of phosphorylated gemcitabine for advanced pancreatic cancer therapy. J. Mater. Chem. B, 2020,8, 2410-2417. https://doi.org/10.1039/D0TB00017E

5.) Ravetz, et al. Photoredox catalysis using infrared light via triplet fusion upconversion. Nature volume 565pages 343–346 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-018-0835-2

6.) Rao, et al. Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion Devices. Coatings 2022, 12(4), 456; https://doi.org/10.3390/coatings12040456


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Porphyrin Family

Metallo Phthalocyanines

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