Octyl nitrate

Product Number: O34688





Octyl nitrate

O34688 Technical Data Sheet

CAS: 629-39-0

MDL: MFCD00154208

Molecular weight: 175.23 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C8H17NO3

CAS Number: 629-39-0

Storage: Store at 2-8 Co, under dry conditions.

Synonyms: Octyl nitrate, NITRIC ACID, OCTYL ESTER, 629-39-0, n-Octyl nitrate, 1-Octyl nitrate, nitric acid octyl ester, Nitric acid, octylester, SCHEMBL273330

Uses: Synthesis reagent, Organic Synthesis, oxidant, fuel oxidant

Octyl nitrate, is a synthetic fine chemical useful in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and fine organic chemicals.


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