N-Methyl Mesoporphyrin IX

NMM580 N-Methyl Mesoporphyrin IX Technical Data Sheet


Product Number: NMM580; CAS Number: 142234-85-3



N-Methyl Mesoporphyrin IX CAS: 142234-85-3 MDL: MFCD08669599

Field of Interest: Natural Products Synthesis, Anionic porphyrins and DNA aptamers, Quadruplex Binding, Nucleic Acid Binding

Background: N-Methyl Mesoporphyrin IX is a porphyrin based natural product that exhibits selectivity for DNA binding, DNA aptamers and G-quadruplexes.  1,2   The compound also binds to telomeric DNA  and acts as a fluorescence sensor for lead ions. 3,4

Molecular weight: 580.72 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C35H40N4O4          

CAS Number:  142234-85-3

Storage: Store at –20 °C, protect from light

Synonyms:  N-methyl mesoporphyrin IX,  3-[18-(2-carboxyethyl)-7,12-diethyl-3,8,13,17,22-pentamethyl-23H-porphyrin-2-yl]propanoic acid,  SCHEMBL13325428SCHEMBL18428599,  DTXSID70349630


1.)  Ren, Jinsong; Chaires, Jonathan B., Sequence and Structural Selectivity of Nucleic Acid Binding Ligands, Biochemistry (1999), 38(49), 16067-16075.

2.)  Li, Yingfu; Geyer, C. Ronald; Sen, Dipankar, High-Specificity Recognition of Anionic Porphyrins by DNA Aptamers, Biochemistry (1996), 35(21), 6911-6922.

3.)  J Nicoludis, John M.; Barrett, Steven P.; Mergny, Jean-Louis; Yatsunyk, Liliya A., Interaction of human telomeric DNA with N-methyl-mesoporphyrin IX, Nucleic Acids Research (2012), 40(12), 5432-5447.

4.)  Guo, Liangqia; Nie, Dandan; Qiu, Chunyan; Zheng, Qishan; Wu, Haiyan; Ye, Peirong; Hao, Yanli; Fu, FengFu; Chen, Guonan, A G-quadruplex based label-free fluorescent biosensor for lead ion, Biosensors & Bioelectronics (2012), 35(1), 123-127.



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