meso-Tetraphenylporphine (1-3% chlorin)

NT614 Technical Data Sheet 

SDS (English) SDS (Spanish)

Product Number: NT614; CAS Number: 917-23-7



meso-Tetraphenylporphine (1-3% chlorin) CAS: 917-23-7 MDL: MFCD00011680

SDS (English Version) SDS (Spanish Version)

Product Name:  meso-Tetraphenylporphine Chloride  (1-3% chlorin) 

Catalog Number:       NT614

Size: milligram, gram, kilogram, and bulk quantities available.

Molecular Formula:     C44H30N4  MW:  614.74  MDL:  MFCD00011680  CAS: 917-23-7

Storage: Store at room temperature, protect from light

Purity: 95%

Alternative Names

21H,23H-Porphine, 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl;  5,10,15,20-Tetra-phenyl-21H,23H-porphine:  5,10,15,20-Tetraphenylporphyrin:   5,10,15,20-Tetraphenylporphyrin;  5,10,15,20-Tetraphenyl-porphyrin;  5,10,15,20-Tétraphénylporphyrine;  meso-Tetraphenylporphyrin;  tetraphenylporphyrin;  tpp;  (5Z,10Z,14Z,19Z)-5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-21,23-dihydroporphyrin;  2,7,12,17-tetraphenyl-21,22,23,24-tetraazapentacyclo[<3,6>.1<8,11>.1<1 3,16>]tetracosa-1,3,5,7,9,11(23),12,14,16,18(21),19-undecaene;  2,7,12,17-tetraphenyl-21,22,23,24-tetraazapentacyclo[<3,6>.1<8,11>.1<13,16>]tetracosa-1(21),2,4,6,8(23),9,11,13,15,17,19-undecaene;  2,7,12,17-tetraphenyl-21,22,23,24-tetraazapentacyclo[,6.18,11.113,16]tetracosa-1,3,5,7,9,11(23),12,14,16,18(21),19-undecaene;  5,10,15,20-Tetraphenyl-21H,23H-porphyrin;  5,10,15-20-Tetraphenyl-21H,23H-porphine;  5,15,10,20-tetraphenylporphyrin;  c44h30n4;  meso-Tetraphenylporphine;  meso-tetraphenylporphine;  meso-Tetraphenylporphyrine;  meso-Tetraphenylprophyrin; meso-四苯基卟啉;  Tetraphenyl porphine;  tetraphenyl porphyrin;  Tetraphenylporphine;  tetraphenyl-porphyrin;  tetraphenylporphyrin;  H2TPP;  α,β,γ,δ-Tetraphenylporphine

Field of Interest: Reagent in Oxidative and Reductive Reactions and Catalyst for Organic Synthesis, Materials Science, Singlet Oxygen. 

Background: Tetraphenylporphine (TPP) is a specialty chemical that has found a wide variety of uses in chemistry including use in the photooxygenation of complex organic compounds,1 preparation of thin films for the study of nanophysics, 2 functionalization of nanotubules,3 and the study of membrane properties and physical properties. 4 In the presence of other photoactive agents TPP can extend wavelengths improving photocatalytic efficiency and opticoelectronic properties in nanocomposites, 5 and organize molecular self-assemblies in nanoparticles.6

TPP can also act as HCl sensor composites on solid surfaces,7 can detect chirality in pharmaceutical analytes,8 and determine the formation of aggregates in photophysical studies.9

Frontier Specialty Chemicals provides high purity tetraphenylporphine for your application. Please contact us if you need a larger quantity then is listed in our online catalog.

If you are looking for a higher purity chlorin-free tetraphenylporphine please see our listing for meso-Tetraphenylporphine (chlorin free) T614.

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UV-Visible Spectrum of meso-tetraphenylporphine:




Functional Groups

Porphyrin Family

A4 Porphyrins, Free Base Porphyrins, Tetra-Phenyl Porphine Derivatives

Porphyrin Substitution

Meso-Substituted Porphyrins, Phenyl Substituted Porphyrins

Purity %


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



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