meso-Tetra(2-methylphenyl) porphine

Product Number: T40707; CAS Number: 37083-40-2



meso-Tetra(2-methylphenyl) porphine meso-Tetra(2-tolyl) porphine CAS: 37083-40-2 MDL: MFCD01074421

Molecular weight: 670.84 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C48H38N4

CAS Number: 37083-40-2

Storage: Store at room temperature, protect from light

Synonyms: 21H,23H-Porphine, 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(2-methylphenyl)-, 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(2-methylphenyl)porphyrin, 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(2-methylphenyl)porphyrin, 5,10,15,20-Tétrakis(2-méthylphényl)porphyrine, 37083-40-2, 5,10,15,20-tetratolylporphyrin, meso-Tetra(2-methylphenyl) porphine, meso-Tetra(2-tolyl) porphine, MFCD01074421, tetratolyl porphyrin

Field of Interest: Synthetic Porphyrins, Catalysis

Background: meso-Tetra(2-methylphenyl) porphine is a synthetic porphyrin specialty chemical manufactured by Frontier Specialty Chemicals. meso-Tetra(2-methylphenyl) porphine is sold as a mixture of atropisomers.


1.) Sukiennik, et al. Manganese(iii) porphyrin-catalyzed regioselective dual functionalization of C(sp3)-H bonds: the transformation of arylalkanes to 1,4-diketones. Chemical Communications, 2023, vol. 59, # 9, p. 1149 – 1152.

2.) Nasrollahi, et al. Kinetics and mechanistic studies on the formation and reactivity of high valent MnO porphyrin species: Mono-: ortho or para -substituted porphyrins versus a di- ortho -substituted one. New Journal of Chemistry, 2018, vol. 42, # 3, p. 1806 – 1815.

3.) Khazaei, et al. Computational and experimental insights into the oxidative stability of iron porphyrins: A mono-ortho-substituted iron porphyrin with unusually high oxidative stability. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2018, vol. 31, # 11, art. no. E3869.

4.) Tu, et al. Intriguing electrochemical behavior of free base porphyrins: Effect of porphyrin- meso -phenyl interaction controlled by position of substituents on meso -phenyls. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2012, vol. 116, # 6, p. 1632 – 1637.

5.) Mojarrad, et al. Photocatalytic Activity of the Molecular Complexes of meso-Tetraarylporphyrins with Lewis Acids for the Oxidation of Olefins: Significant Effects of Lewis Acids and meso Substituents. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2017, vol. 2017, # 21, p. 2854 – 2862.

6.) Shen, et al. Selective Solvent-Free and Additive-Free Oxidation of Primary Benzylic C–H Bonds with O2 Catalyzed by the Combination of Metalloporphyrin with N-Hydroxyphthalimide. Catalysis Letters, 2020, vol. 150, # 11, p. 3096 – 3111.


Functional Groups


Porphyrin Family

A4 Porphyrins, Free Base Porphyrins, Tetra-Phenyl Porphine Derivatives

Porphyrin Substitution

Meso-Substituted Porphyrins, Phenyl Substituted Porphyrins

Purity %


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



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