Coproporphyrin I dihydrochloride

Product Number: C654-1; CAS Number: 69477-27-6

C654-Coproporphyrin I Technical Data Sheet  




Coproporphyrin I dihydrochloride 3,8,13,18-Tetramethyl-21H,23H-porphine-2,7,12,17-tetrapropionic acid dihydrochloride CAS: 69477-27-6 MDL: MFCD00013469

Molecular weight: 727.63  g/mol

Molecular Formula: C36H38N4O8   2HCl

CAS Number:  CAS: 69477-27-6

Storage: Store at room temperature, protected from light

Synonyms:   Coproporphyrin I, 531-14-6, 21H,23H-Porphine-2,7,12,17-tetrapropanoic acid, 3,8,13,18-tetramethyl-3,8,13,18-Tetramethyl-21H,23H-porphine-2,7,12,17-tetrapropionic acid, 3-[7,12,17-tris(2-carboxyethyl)-3,8,13,18-tetramethyl-21,22-dihydroporphyrin-2-yl]propanoic acid, Coporphyrin, Koproporphyrin I, EINECS 208-502-3, NSC 267073, C05769,, SCHEMBL578775, SCHEMBL578776, CHEBI:28421

Fields of Interest

Biomarker for Autism and Mercury Metal Exposure

Biomarkers of environmental toxicity and susceptibility in autism

Geier, David A., Kern, Janet K., Garver, Carolyn R., Adams, James B., Audhya, Tapan, Nataf, Robert, Geier, Mark R., Journal of the Neurological Sciences (2009), 280(1-2), DOI:10.1016/j.jns.2008.08.021


Hepatic Function

Biliary fibrosis associated with altered bile composition in a mouse model of erythropoietic protoporphyria

Meerman, Leo, Koopen, Nynke R., Bloks, Vincent, Van Goor, Harry, Havinga, Rick, Wolthers, Bert G.,       Kramer, Werner, Stengelin, Siegfried, Muller, Michael, Kuipers, Folkert, et al

Gastroenterology (1999), 117(3), 696-705. DOI:10.1016/S0016-5085(99)70464-6


Photophysics studies

Synthesis and structural stability of helichrome as an artificial hemeproteins

Sasaki, Tomikazu, Kaiser, Emil Thomas

Biopolymers (1990), 29(1), 79-88. DOI:10.1002/bip.360290112


Nano Assemblies

Solid-state photovoltaic thin films using TiO2, organic dyes, and layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte nanocomposites

Tokuhisa, Hiroaki, Hammond, Paula T.

Advanced Functional Materials (2003), 13(11), 831-839. DOI:10.1002/adfm.200304404


Photodynamic Therapy

Helicobacter pylori accumulates photoactive porphyrins and is killed by visible light, Hamblin, Michael R., Viveiros, Jennifer, Yang, Changming, Ahmadi, Atosa, Ganz, Robert A., Tolkoff, M. Joshua, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2005), 49(7), 2822-2827. DOI:10.1128/AAC.49.7.2822-2827.2005


High-performance liquid chromatography of uroporphyrin and coproporphyrin isomers. Lim ,et al. Methods in Enzymology Volume 123, 1986, Pages 383-389.

A fully automated and validated human plasma LC–MS/MS assay for endogenous OATP biomarkers coproporphyrin-I and coproporphyrin-III. King-Ahmad, et al. BIOANALYSIS VOL. 10, NO. 9.



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