5,15-di(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenyl porphine

Product Number: 41394; CAS Number: 116206-75-8



5,15-di(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenyl porphine CAS: 116206-75-8 MDL:

Molecular weight: 644.765 g/mol

Molecular Formula: C44H32N6

CAS Number: 116206-75-8

Storage: Store at room temperature, protect from light.

Synonyms: 4,4′-(10,20-Diphenyl-5,15-porphyrindiyl)dianiline, 4,4′-(10,20-Diphenyl-5,15-porphyrindiyl)dianilin, 4,4′-(10,20-Diphényl-5,15-porphyrinediyl)dianiline, Benzenamine, 4,4′-(10,20-diphenyl-21H,23H-porphine-5,15-diyl)bis-, 116206-75-8, 5, 15-(氨苯基)- 10,20-苯基卟啉, 5,15-bis(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenylporphyrin, 5,15-Di(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenyl porphine, trans-5,15-bis(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenylporphyrin

Fields of Interest: Synthetic Porphyrins, trans-A2B2 Porphyrins, Covalent Organic Frameworks. (COFs)

Background: 5,15-di(4-aminophenyl)-10,20-diphenyl porphine is a synthetic porphyrin specialty chemical manufactured by Frontier Specialty Chemicals.


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2.) Tu, et al. Self-Assembly of a Donor–Acceptor Nanotube. A Strategy To Create Bicontinuous ArraysJ. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 47, 19125–19130.https://doi.org/10.1021/ja205868b

3.) Le, et al. [60]Fullerene–porphyrin–ferrocene triad self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) for photovoltaic applications. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. Volume 761, 1 July 2014, Pages 20-27. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jorganchem.2014.02.022

4.) Wu, X., Zhang, X., Li, Y. et al. A porphyrin-based covalent organic framework with pH-dependent fluorescenceJ Mater Sci 56, 2717–2724 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10853-020-05380-1



Porphyrin Family

Amino Porphyrins, Free Base Porphyrins, Tetra-Phenyl Porphine Derivatives, Trans-A2B2 Porphyrins

Porphyrin Substitution

Amino-Phenyl Substituted Porphyrins, Meso-Substituted Porphyrins, Phenyl Substituted Porphyrins

Functional Groups


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