Product Number: D13420; CAS Number: 1196157-47-7

D13420 Technical Data Sheet 




4,6-Dichloropyridin-3-ol CAS: 1196157-47-7 MDL: MFCD13190072

Molecular weight: 163.98    g/mol

Molecular Formula: C5H3Cl2NO

CAS Number: 1196157-47-7

Storage: Store at 2-8 Co, under dry conditions.

Synonyms:  None found.

Uses: Synthesis building block, Organic Synthesis, pyridine nitrogen heterocycle,  synthesis, chlorine reactions

4,6-Dichloropyridin-3-ol, is a synthetic specialty chemical useful in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and specialty organic chemicals.

Selected References:

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5.) Zhang, Rui, Wing-Yiu Yu, Tat-Shing Lai, and Chi-Ming. Che.   Enantioselective Hydroxylation of Benzylic C-H Bonds by D4-Symmetric Chiral Oxoruthenium Porphyrins.   Chemical Communications (Cambridge), no.   (1999): 1791–92. https://doi.org/10.1039/a904100a.



Purity %

> 97%

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



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