Product Number: C13480; CAS Number: 1184172-46-0

C13480 Technical Data Sheet 




2-Chloro-3-fluoro-4-hydroxypyridine 2-Chloro-3-fluoropyridin-4-ol CAS: 1184172-46-0 MDL: MFCD13189885


Molecular weight: 147.53  g/mol

Molecular Formula: C5H3ClFNO

CAS Number: 1184172-46-0

Storage: Store at 2-8 Co, under dry conditions.

Synonyms: 2-Chloro-3-fluoropyridin-4-ol, 1184172-46-0, 2-CHLORO-3-FLUORO-4-HYDROXYPYRIDINE, 2-chloro-3-fluoro-1H-pyridin-4-one, SCHEMBL4374332, 2-Chloro-3-fluoropyridine-4-ol

Uses: Synthesis reagent, building block, pyridine heterocycle, fluorochemical

2-Chloro-3-fluoro-4-hydroxypyridine, is a synthetic specialty chemical useful in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and specialty organic chemicals.

Selected References:

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